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Men's Amethyst Adjustable Bracelet

Handsome adjustable slide bracelet made with 9mm faceted natural Amethyst cube gemstones on nylon cord with macrame finish.  Length is 7" up to 8.5"


Emka jewelry selects all our gemstones and metals from responsible sources worldwide. Providing quality jewelry is very important to us so the principal metals we use are Gold Filled and Sterling Silver. There are some instances we will use Rose Gold Filled. If any metal besides these are used it will be clearly stated in the product description. Gold Filled is very durable and contains a much high amount of gold bonded over a base metal than gold plate. Gold plate contains a considerably thinner layer of gold over the base metal and can turn color or rub off.

For plated jewelry, it is very important to remove it when exercising, swimming, showering, or bathing. It is always best to keep it away from perfumes, makeup, harsh soaps or cleaning agents. Each piece of Emka jewelry comes with a jewelry bag to protect it from tarnishing.

Gemstone care: It is recommended to keep your gemstone jewelry protected from perfumes, makeup, lotions and cleaning agents of any kind. Do not bathe, shower or swim in it as chemicals and salts can damage many natural gemstones. If you need to clean your gemstones, do so with very mild soap and water then rub with soft clean cloth. If you are using perfume, apply it prior to wearing your jewelry. Keeping your gemstone jewelry in the bag we provide will further protect it since we often combines metals with the gemstones.

Sterling silver/Gold fill care: It is recommended to keep your sterling silver and gold filled jewelry away from perfumes, makeup, lotions and cleaning agents of any kind. Do not bathe, shower or swim in it as chemicals and salts can dull the metal. If you wear perfume, it is best to put it on prior to wearing your jewelry. Silver will eventually tarnish but keeping it in the bag Emka provides will greatly extend the time before tarnishing. If the silver tarnishes, use a silver polishing cloth to bring back the shine. You can also use a mild silver polish if necessary and rinse with warm water and shine with a soft cloth. Gold fill can be treated the same way if it becomes dull over time or with excessive wear.

Crystal care: It is recommended to keep your crystal jewelry away from perfumes, makeup, and lotions. Crystal is easily cleaned with soap and water. Crystal will scratch easily if it comes into frequent contact with surfaces or other pieces of jewelry so it is best to keep it in the bag we send with each piece of jewelry. If your crystal incorporates a metal with it the bag will also protect the metal.

Pearl care: Do not let your pearls come into contact with perfumes, makeup, lotions or hair styling products. Make your pearls a finishing touch. It is good to wipe them with a soft cloth after wearing as they are dulled by perspiration. They can be cleaned with a soft cloth and it is best to store them flat in the bag we provide. The bag will protect the pearls and the metal used as well as the hand knotting.

Giving back

Giving back to the community is important to us.  

We are passionate about donating a portion of our profits to charities and organizations helping those who are in need, those who are sick, and all our sweet furry friends.